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Sociology and Criminology Graduate Students

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Andrea Kelleyadkelley@udel.eduGender & Sexuality; LGBT Issues; Comprehensive Sexuality Education; Mental Health
Andrew Graygrayac@udel.educriminology theory, law & society, social control
Aneesa Baboolalaneesa@udel.eduGender, Race & Ethnicity, Intersectionality, Qualitative Methodology
Patricia Beckerbeckerp@udel.eduIntimate Partner Violence; Gender, Race & Crime
Virginia Berndtvkberndt@udel.eduhealth, gender, reproduction, disaster, and the environment
Brandie Pughbpugh@udel.eduCollege Sexual Assault & Alcohol; Crime, Especially Violence Against Women
Nancy Intersectional criminology, Responses to crime, Anti-violence movements, Social inequality, Race/ethnic relations, Qualitative methodology
Alvare, Danadalvare@udel.eduRace & Gender Stratification; Family & Child Abuse; U.S. Legal History with Respect to Black Citizenship; Intersection of Race with the Death Penalty
D'Janna Hamiltondjhami@udel.eduRace, gender, institutions, microaggressions
Dylan Haywooddhaywood@udel.educarceral studies; punishment; race; resistance; activism; confinement; transformative justice
Graciela Perezgraciep@udel.eduJuvenile Delinquency; Child Deception; Family & Child Abuse
Jennifer Snyderjlsnyder@udel.eduMass & Social Media; Sociology of Knowledge; Research Methods
Katherine Kafonekkkafonek@udel.eduGender and crime; sexual and domestic violence victimization; mixed methods research
Kai Linkailin@udel.eduLaw, Deviance, and Crime; Violence against Women; Sexualities; Chinese Society; Social Theory
Lin Liulindyliu@udel.edutheoretical criminology, legal consciousness, comparative criminology, and policing
Ashley Mancikamancik@udel.eduhomicide and violence; crime clearances; research methods
Jamie Manzerjmanzer@udel.eduIntimate partner violence; deviance and social control; women and girls as offenders; interconnections between the Criminal Justice System & Child Welfare System; Title IX & implementation
Archer, Melissamarcher@udel.eduSocial Movements; Collective Behavior; Activism; Race; Inequality
Monica Cuddymcuddy@udel.eduMedical Sociology; Medical Education; Gender; Research Methods
Nicole Lloydnll@udel.eduSexuality; Social Problems Focused on Human Rights; Sex & Gender
Taylor Nievestnieves@udel.eduVictimization, Gender, Intimate Partner Abuse and Sexual Assault, Law and Society, and Offending and Recidivism
Samantha Pentaspenta@udel.eduDisasters and Crises, Crisis and Emergency Management, Humanitarian Relief, Humanitarian Logistics, Organizational Responses to Disasters, Collective Behavior, Convergence, Disaster Policy, Qualitative Research Methods, Decision-Making, Medical Sociology
Shannon Streiselstreisel@udel.eduDrug Treatment and Policy, Incarceration, and Re-entry
Akilah Alleyneakialley@udel.eduSchool Discipline; Family; Military Sociology
Ashante Richardsashanter@udel.eduDelinquency; Family Violence; Substance Abuse; Juvenile Justice
Isaiah Thompsonisaiaht@udel.eduRace & Sexuality; Pop Culture
Brianna Vanarsdaleblv@udel.eduGender; Sexuality; Family
Darryl Chambersdchamber@udel.eduRe-entry; Youth Crime; Inequality; Neighborhoods
Joshua Stoutjhstout@udel.eduTheory; Cultural Trauma; Collective Memory; Emotions; Mass Violence
TaLisa Cartertjcarter@udel.eduCorrections; Race; Social Disorganization; Institutions
Tanya Whittletwhittle@udel.eduCorrections and punishment; rehabilitation and prisoner re-entry; collateral consequences of punishment; legal consciousness; drug policy; service providers' work experiences, discretion, and perceptions of justice
Ashleigh Bothwellaaboth@udel.eduDisasters, Terrorism
Em Roweerowe@udel.eduGender; Sexuality
Luye Liluyeli@udel.eduLaw; Criminology
Jascha Wagnerjascha@udel.edu
Wenjin Wangwingjin@udel.edu
Chenesia Brown

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Sociology and Criminology Graduate Students
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