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MA Graduates

MA Thesis 1990 - present

Laura Adarve

Michael Antonio

Paul Ashton

Dana Alvare - University of Delaware, Ph.D. student

Robert Barnes - U. S. Military

Lauren Barsky - Argonne National Laboratory

James Bedamo

Rachael Bennett

Emily Bonistall

Nicole Bracy - San Diego State - California

Michael J. Broderick

Cathleen Brooks

Amy Cass - California

Marcia Cavanaugh - Public Safety, University of Delaware

Karen Cerra

Evelyn Chaffin - Connect To Success, Cincinnati, OH

Wu Chen

Rory P. Connell

Melody Cotterill - State of Delaware

Bonnie Cox

Nena Craven - Delaware State University

Bruce Crawford

Kevin Daly - University of Delaware, Ph.D. student

Megan Denver - Urban Institute - Washington, DC

Heather Dillaway - Wayne State, Detroit, MI

William Donner - Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Eliecer Duarte

 Jamie Fader - SUNY - Albany, NY

Amy Farrell

Lisa Gilman - University of Delaware

Nicole Gonzalez

Megan Gosse

Heather Griffiths - Fayetteville, NC

Amy Hill

David Howarth

Philip Kavanaugh - West Virginia

Ross Kleinstuber - University of Delaware, Ph.D. student

Margaret Leigey - College of New Jersey

Lynn Letukas - University of Delaware

Terry Lilley - University of Delaware

Jamie Longazel - University of Dayton, Ohio

Joanna Low

Matt Manierre - University of Delaware, Ph.D. student

Elizabeth Mansley - Delaware State University

Daniel Marks

Jill McCorkel - Assistant Professor, Villanova

Angela Merone-Casey

Patricia Mongrandi

Laura Monico - University of Delaware, Ph.D. student

Dionne Chanele Moore

Christine Mowry

Stacy Osnick - Police Exec. Research Forum

Jamie Paige

Victor Perez - University of Delaware

Jacqueline Piccigallo

Brian Pitt - University of Delaware, Ph.D. student

Carol Post - Executive Director, Delaware Coalition against Domestic Violence (1994).

Greg Postle - Alaska

Kevin Ralston - University of Delaware, Ph.D. student

Kelsey Rathcke

Teri Rosales - University of Michigan grad student

Tiffany Sanders - Napier, IL - Self-employed

Jennifer Santos-Hernandez - Oak Ridge, TN

Christopher Steinbrecher

 Brunhild Seeger-DiNovi

Manuel Torres - Research Scientist, Division of Data, Research, Evaluation and Reporting, The New Jersey Department of Education

Joseph Trainor - Disaster Research Center, University of Delaware

Cami Turner - PA

Erin Walder

Philisa Weidlein - State of Delaware

Heather Zaykowski - Boston, MA

Samantha Zulkowski

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MA Graduates
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